Monday, September 5, 2011

Package From Norway Part 3 of 3

Norsk Ribbon Too!
to finish the bunad trim from this project:

This ribbon had been added to our "Festdrakt" here; however, there was only enough  for the bodice and top of the apron. Now we have enough to trim the bottom of the dresses, as well. Seeing how this ribbon was originally purchased in Norway in 1995 I did not think Mor could ever find it, but alas, a little shop in Elnesv√•gen, Norway had it and Mor shipped it off to me. The sales clerk even said, "We've had this for a long time, it's very old." What a stroke of luck!

Have a Lucky Day!


  1. Don't you love when a plan comes together? So glad you were able to find ribbon that matched. The same problem with not buying enough yarn!