Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Camp Norge-Rosemaling Post #1


The NVO and I just returned from three days at Camp Norge; three fun filled days of rosemaling inundation. The search had been on for a local rosemaling class since 1995 and the closest thing I could find locally were a couple of classes on tole painting, so you can imagine my delight when I stumbled across an entire weekend camp - just a short nine hour drive from our home to scenic Alta, California. ;-)

This was Camp Norge's 53rd rosemaling camp; it's been going on twice a year for 26 years! They fed us, taught us and entertained us and get this- the entire weekend cost $82 (this included everything including the rosemaling supplies).
58 rosemalers: 18 beginners, 20 intermediate and 20 advanced.
The NVO and I...beginners. :-)
Astri, Marley (our teacher) and the NVO with our nearly complete Telemark rosemaled plates.

Some touch-up work, a little curing and varnish and we are good to go.
(Oh, from what I understand, and I'm all on board,
 the back of the plates must be finished, as well.)

 The NVO's                                                                    Astri's

We displayed the two hearts together,
in our dining room, with a woven rug from Norway.
The colors in the rug were an exact match with the plates.
 Ahhhhhh, Camp Norge,
we'll be back!


  1. Fort joli, trop beau ! Mais vous êtes extrêmement doués tous les deux, des artistes !!!!
    Bravissimo :)

  2. ...and within the 58 "rosemalers" I represented 50% of the male malers...1 of 2. It is always good for me to exercise the other side of my brain on occasion...it keeps me from listing to the right and walking in circles. =)

  3. This looks beautiful. I have never heard of rosemaling.

  4. Wow! Absolutely beautiful. Are you sure you haven't done this before?

  5. Aw, thanks you three! Oh and NVO thanks for joining me in the brain exercises. :-)
    The NVO and I have fiddled around with some painting but never any rosemaling lessons. We had hours and hours of detailed instruction on this one plate, so I don't know if we could duplicate it with any ease; however, we will keep practicing and rosemaling camp may be an annual or bi-annual event. it was so fun!

  6. Your plate is beautiful. You did a wonderful job. Tole painting is so much fun isn't it?