Monday, September 12, 2011

The Utah State Fair

(Always, always, always a sucker for these photo ops.)

I rarely post about family or places we go, but this weekend was so very cool.

So tell me how could I possibly resist sharing the following?
Is this the cutest or what?

and how about these four favorites?
and last but not least:
my most favorite of all.

Then there's the strange but true:
the royal wedding party, made out of butter!

Sometimes the most fun is the people watching, though.
Sometimes the weirdos are your own kin. hehe.
Check out these two:
they are performing the same dance the little guy on the purse
 that the NVO is holding is performing.
(#6 and the NVO)

But the very, very, very best thing about the fair:

The Home Arts!
This afghan one won first place in the advanced crochet afghan category!!!
So pretty, it looks just like stained glass but the photo does not really do it justice.
Can you imagine receiving a ribbon at the fair?
I think it would be such an honor.

"We'll always remember the laughter we shared"
Tanya Goodman
"Tomorrow We'll Go the Fair"


  1. You didn't happen to see any spiderwebs with words woven in? That piglet is definitely radiant.

    The second chicken reminds me of David Bowie. Not sure why.

    Every year I plan to enter things in our county fair, and every year I forget and miss the deadline.

    I think your daisy blanket would make a lovely entry.

  2. I have always been partial to piglets at the fair, but this litter (do pigs have litters)is great. Love the crazy dancers...tell the NVO "some people do dance like no one is looking"...and I think you could come up with a GRAND PRIZE-BEST OF SHOW crocheted project.

  3. Oh yes, "Some Terrific Radiant Humble Pig". Very sweet - did not occur to me until you mentioned it Mrs. M.

    David Bowie; I can see that. I wish I was brave enough for a hairdo like that but I think it call for much too much product.

    Awwwww, K the NVO chuckled at that comment...did you remember his post on that subject?

    Hey, let's make a pact - next year crochet fair entries for the three of us. Crocheted piglets, spider and word webs?