Sunday, September 4, 2011

Package From Norway Part 2 of 3

Included in the package from Norway,
 was this sweater for #6's birthday this month

The fall colors are awesome!
It's got "snowshoeing" written all over it.

So kind of you to send this to "Little Bug" Mor!
Tusen Takk!!!


  1. Quel joli pull, vous allez être très belle jeune, jeune, jeune fille :)

  2. It is for our youngest daughter "#6" as we call her on this blog. She also goes by "Little Bug". She turns 22 this month. :-)

  3. A very lovely sweater for your daughter! Reminds me of the sweaters my mother used to knit for me :-)

  4. Just beautiful. Any chance of being adopted into your family? I'd love to get a sweater like that!

  5. Thank you all!

    Oh yes, the more the merrier Mrs. M ;-.

    I unfortunately did not get the knitting gene.

  6. That's a lovely sweater. Yes, the colours are awesome.


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