Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Camp Norge-Rosemaling Post #2

The Art

 By Julie Anne
There are several different styles of rosemaling that are related to the different areas of Norway. The Rhoda Fritsch site gives a great description and an example of the different styles. My current favorite style is "Os" due to it's use of white as a background color and it's geometric design inclusion. It's also the style that utilizes happy bright colors and a simplicity that tends to draw me in.

Valdres is another style that quite lovely. (I have yet to find a rosemaling style that is not lovely, IMHO.) The advanced class at rosemaling camp, taught by Julie Anne, painted this breathtaking plate from Valdres:
Isn't it beautiful?
View all three plates from rosemaling camp here.

Back to Os...
Julie Anne had these lovely plates for sale :
The NVO hooked me up with a purchase of these three plates.
 A splurge for sure!
Thank you NVO, you are so good to me.
My plate runneth over.
Looks kind nice with the WIP too, eh?

For the "time" being....they're keeping "time" with the clock at the entrance of the kitchen:
It was "time" for some color happiness
 with the help of the wonderful "Os".


  1. "What I tell you three times is true..." I think the above commenter really likes those plates!

    I love that middle one. Such a cheerful blue and white.

  2. Domy - thank you, thank you, thank you!

    Sue - :-) the middle one - my favorite, too, perhaps, because I am the middle child.

  3. I love the plates. I love the tole-like painting. I am a tole painter (haven't done it for a long time, but I love it) and these plates are so gorgeous. And the WIP they are shown on is beautiful. I love all those colors together with the white accent. I hope you show that when it's finished.