Thursday, September 29, 2011

Camp Norge-Rosemaling Post #3

The People
They organized us and were kind to us...
That's Penny, the organizer and Jack, on the right; he was the cookie/coffee server.
One day the NVO disappeared with Jack and came back as the Salt Lake City Ambassor to District #6 of the Sons of Norway, hehe.
You go NVO!!!

They taught us...
(This is seriously an awful picture of us but our instructor, Marley, looked so good I had to include it. Marley was such an excellent teacher!)

They fed us...
(Melanie and crew - food was so delicious!)
and they entertained us...
(Not to worry kids...this is not me...yet. ;-) )
Unfortunately I do not have any photos of "White Elephant Bingo", but I am sure you can imagine!

Thank you for a fabulous rosemaling weekend at Camp Norge!!!


  1. Tattoos don't do much for me, but if you could get one that looked like that and would hold its colour ... very tempting.

    I still can't believe it only cost $82. What a great deal.

  2. Sue - I am not a tattoo person either. A couple of our children have tattoos and they are still in BIG trouble! haha

    Come join us next April for another round of rosemaling camp. :-)

  3. I'd probably get in line for a tattoo like that. It is gorgeous.