Monday, February 25, 2013

4:41 Challenged

Remember that challenge I threw out there from this post?
I challenged anyone to beat my time making a rose.
Lickity-split an adorable and talented young lady took me up on the challenge 
and sent this:

I have tried twice to break your amazing granny rose time, but the pressure got to me both times.  My first time was 4:48, and my second time was 4:51.  I started to get nervous, the yarn would start to squeak, my arms would start to shake, and I would make a lot of mistakes.  I saw in the comments of your post that you told someone to email you the time anyway, so I thought I would do that as well.

Here is a picture of the rather bedraggled-looking rose from my best time.  I closed up the center hole after I had stopped timing myself so it would look better for the picture.  

~ Claire (The Cogaroo) ~"

Isn't that charming?
I'm not sure anyone can beat her time!
A package full of surprises will be
 sent to Claire this week, 
and a little something for her mother, as well.
I would venture to guess that Claire is my youngest follower. 
My heart swells with pride.

Visit The Cogaroo here
and be amongst
Peace, Love and Crochet.

Thank you for the interest and dedication to the rose,
Claire, your rose is simply beautiful!

Another prize is still up for grabs,
so if you are up for the challenge
email me your time and a photo.

Click here for the rose pattern link.
It even has a video. :-)


  1. Well done to Claire that is a fantastic time nearly as good as you Astri but so far you are still the champ :)

    1. I don't think I will be the champ for long, and I am ready to pass the belt on. :-)

  2. Ok Astri, I have just had a go, please bear in mind I haven't made them in a while and had to read the pattern again I am ashamed to say it took me 9 mins, I bow my head in shame :( won't hear another word from me on this particular subject until I have considerably upped my game haha

    1. That is hilarious. Now please keep in mind I was hovering around 6 minutes for a long time and that was with A LOT of practice. 9 minutes is pretty darn good, though. Hold your head up, Linda, up your game and report back later. As long as you beat your own time there will be a prize waiting for you. :-)

  3. You are the champion Astri, but like you said for how many time ???????
    Have fun ;-)