Saturday, February 2, 2013

It's About Love

Sometimes I forget that this blog is not only for posting about crochet and Norway...
that it's also about love (even though I LOVE Norway and crochet);
"Love" is stated in the header, for heavens sake,
 how could I be so negligent! ;-)'s one for love:
Five years ago today, on Ground Hogs Day, 
in this very spot
the NVO...
An angel entered my life and brought much happiness and joy!
(Contrary to what the photo indicates.)
So what has changed in the last five years?
Even more love (if that's possible)
and our diet:
Today we snacked on babaganoosh, celery and cucumbers.
That was not the case five years ago. :-)

A beautiful day full of
Love and Happiness!!!


  1. Det er godt å vere to:)

    ♥ Kjærligheten er som en due. Holder man den for hardt, blir den kvalt. Holder man den for løst, flyr den sin vei. ♥
    (Dansk ordtak)

    Nyt søndagen!

    1. I love that quote. You Scandinavians are smart folk!

      It is good to be two!!!

  2. Happy anniversery to you both !
    Diet is now our best friend !!! The age obliges it :)
    Have a wonderful sunday ;-)

    1. Thank you Domi. Yes, diet gets to be a better and better friend each day!