Friday, February 22, 2013

A Record Breaking 4:41

That's how long it takes me to crochet a rose:
That is NOT how long it takes to make 108 roses!

I've made more roses than Carter has pills...or....peanuts...
THAT is why I am so smug fast.

Difficult to believe, I know, but the NVO clocked my time.

Originally I was to make 120 roses for this project:
"Following my own CAL"
But I ran out of turquoise, so 108 it is!
The rule (for a while) is no more adding to the stash so I could not justify
purchasing a skein of turquoise to make one rose in order to have 120.
108 is divisible by 3 and 4 so it will work with the three background colors:
 white, aqua and pastel violet.
Afghan will be 9 x 12 rows of colorful fun!

Week #2
is done for this CAL gal.

Want to learn to make roses fast?
Click here for play-by-play instructions, then practice, practice, practice.
The first one to beat my record will win a prize!
(It won't be a crocheted rose.)
Just send me your time and your shipping address:

On Your Mark
Get Set

If re-visiting a project that has been put aside and stashed away for a while counts for stash-busting than this is also a stash-buster in addition to a record breaker!


  1. Verkeleg flotte fargar på rosene dine! Eg skal iallfall ikkje prøve å slå rekorden din;) Manglar nok litt fart på heklinga.

  2. Wow Astri! Thats a blooming good time!
    What a beautiful bunch of roses too!
    You really are busting the stash at speed!
    Ali x

  3. Fantastic! I must try this pattern soon! I love that heap of roses organized in different ways :) and that project looks lovely.

  4. Astri you are amazing and your record will be so hard to beat but Gal you have issued a challenge, thrown down the gauntlet as it were and you know me can't resist a challenge. I need to practice of course and it may take a while day! haha
    Your roses look beautiful, I love the way you have arranged them, that heart picture is lovely. I have another rose project in mind myself but I MUST finish the 3 (yes 3) blankets I'm working on first. :)

  5. oh my goodness! I love all those colors.

  6. Your roses are stunning!! You do beautiful work all the time, and take fabulous pictures too!! Have a good weekend!!

  7. Wonderful colours, Astri - this will be such a cheerful blanket! Have a great weekend, Chris x

  8. Gorgeous roses. Love the different pictures you have taken.

  9. Lily Chin, eat your heart out! (She's billed as the "World's Fastest Crocheter" but I think you could give her a run for her money.)

    I think you should forget the afghan, and just keep the roses around to play with. ;) (But I suppose that wouldn't help the stash any.)

  10. If you want to go for the original 120...I have some turquoise and I would be happy to loan you whatever you need! Now that would be an easy stash buster.

  11. Astri, your roses are just gorgeous! 4.41 minutes per rose? You cannot be serious! But I suspect you are! Not sure there can be many hookers able to beat that! Can you beat it yourself?! I have a hunch you just might!! Your rosy afghan will be absolutely beautiful whether 108 or 120 roses go into its making. Happy Rosy Crochet Weekend! E x

  12. OMG!!! You are really fast. Looks at all those lovely roses and a lovely color explosion.

  13. Wow!! Raskt heklet. Fargeglede på sitt beste. Du er god. Vi koser oss på hytta. Fyrer i peisen. Ute snør det. Følger med på VM på ski på TV. Strikker på en pute. Ha en flott helg. D

  14. Wow! That's pretty fast. The rose heart is just fantastic. May be you can actually do one like that, a cushion or something else heart shaped with all those roses. It would be beautiful.

  15. My, my, my, yours is the real rose garden! I thought I made one, but I was mistaken!

  16. Piękne, kolorowe różyczki!!! Serdecznie pozdrawiam

  17. These are so beautiful ( you must crochet at lightening speed !) ! I think I might have to give rose making a try !

  18. Very Lovely colorful roses which would of taken me days and days. VBg Hugs Judy

  19. 120 ............ !!!!!!!!!!!! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh, my fingers :( You stop sometimes, or you sleep when you do crochet ? An automatic movement, isn't it ?
    HAVE FUN ;-)

  20. Beautiful post - I love all those colours!

  21. Simply fabulous. The roses are just so gorgeous. Beautiful colours too. You're pretty nifty with hook though. I don't think I could crochet that fast ;)

  22. Haha, so many fun comments. I love all your comments!!! Yes, I do pretty much crochet in my sleep lately or at least crochet instead of sleep.

    K from the above post hooked my up with some turquoise yarn so now I can make 12 more roses (3 of each color) and get back to the original 120. She's my local crochet gal pal.

    I'd like to take a lesson from Lily Chin!

    Linda - you made my LOL - yes, please time yourself and submi time regardless of what it is. :-)

    I do not think I will be trying to beat my own record so I am not in the contest. I may have to promote this contest a little more and structure it not based on my time. It's just not fair. haha.

    Good weekend...or what remains y'all and thank you so much for visiting my litle piece of blogworld!

  23. Roses are SOOO fun to make! Yours are quicker to finish than mine, though.I'm impressed with the number and the speed. :-)

  24. so pretty - I've gotten myself addicted to make roses lately as well. And I frequently will time myself on a project too I love seeing how long it takes to make things when sitting around making something over and over again!