Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Mardi Gras Crochet

Took a break from stash-busting and
picked up a little something appropriate due to the timeliness of Mardi Gras.

Mardi Gras Yarn!
I finally found a local yarn shop with open arms for a crocheter:
They do not have a website so this is a link to the most info I could find online.
The shop owner even rounded up a crochet teacher for me and
 she helped me with a problem I could not figure out.
It was awesome!!!
I am happy to have met these two lovely ladies!
Going forward, I will refer to these two ladies by the names of the yarn.
"Carnival" will be the shop owner and "Merry Go Round" will be 
Carnival's sis-in-law that is the crochet instructor. 
(She teaches knitting, too, which may come in handy one day...)
Happy names for two ladies that made me happy!!!
Boy, it didn't take long to wipe these skeins out.
I could not justify adding more to the stash, so they never even made it into the bin. :-)
 A hat, for me, to coordinate with the "atmosphere" coat.
Brrrrrr...it's been cold here.
 ...a hat for the NVO that he will NOT be wearing, 
as he claims he will NOT be known as the "Skittle Head Man".

Some hat stash-busting for charity will soon be started, when the dishcloth mania is over, and the happy merry-go-round skittle hat will be the first one for donation.
Hoping to make someone smile with its rainbowy sweetness. :-)

A simple DC hat with 4-5 rows of SC at the bottom edge.

Gosh, I'm glad I don't participate in lent; otherwise, 
I would likely have to give up crochet for 40 days, 
and I am much too weak for that!
(Skittles would be easier to give up, except for the purple ones. ;-) )


  1. love that yarn, your hats are adorable!

  2. The hats are brilliant! I'll have to make my daughter a skittle hat! She'd love it. Take care. Chel

  3. I love the hats! The skittle one is great :) Elisabeth xx

  4. Dear Astri your hats are fab! love that yarn - it's so jolly. Funny you should mention Lent - I'm taking up some extra hooky for Lent this year as per my post today. Much better than giving it up, I think! E x

  5. Skittlehead. Ha! That's hilarious. Those look like they are quick to work up. I can't believe that you had a crochet problem. Glad you found a new shop and two nice ladies to help you out. Have a great day. Tammy

  6. Beautiful yarn Astri just love it, your hats are so cute. Lucky you finding carnival and merry go round they sound like lovely ladies haha xx

  7. That yarn is so colourful. Skittlehead made me laugh a lot lol.

  8. Your comments are all so funny. I needed that today. The skittlehead man liked them too. Made him, chuckle!

  9. Beautiful hats! I love the Skittles one; gave me a good laugh. I needed one today, too :-)

  10. Je n'imagine pas Astri sans crochet 40 jours !!
    C'est remarquable de crocheter pour les nécessiteux, félicitations !!
    Bonne soirée :)