Monday, June 10, 2013

It's Anyone's Guess - Day 2 of 6 (STAY)

Summer's a Coming Guessing Game

Six posts, six days in a row to guess what I am making.

Each day there will be three clues:
 1) a crochet progress photo
2) a photo clue
3) a word clue 

Today's clues:

Crochet Progress Clue:
(Rose pattern can be found here, and the leaves here (although I changed to clusters in the corners as an experiment as per a comment on my youtube video)...complete with youtube video.)

Word Clue:

Photo Clue:

The first person to guess the correct answer via a comment will receive the following prize:
Three skeins of this luscious Cascade "Cloud 9" yarn and a bag of white chocolate Lindt Truffles.

The correct guess will be announced on the seventh day, even if it was guessed correctly the first day...
gotta' keep ya' guessing. :-)

Join in on the fun and take a random guess.


  1. Hi Astri, you have me very puzzled but this is fun! When you say "sit" and "stay" reminds me of commands for a dog, LOL, but can't remember if you have one or not and then the basket and cords come into play and I am very puzzled again so maybe it will be a basket/planter box??? Keeping my fingers crossed that I might be right!

  2. I'm guessing a box to transport a little dog in!
    What a great game this is!

  3. Very pretty ! Love your roses :)

  4. My guess for today is a kit for a picnic. :)

  5. Astri, you have definitely created a "Puzzle" indeed. Maybe a doggie wrap??? LOL Hugs Judy

  6. Perhaps a hanging flower box? It is funny!!

  7. Well, I missed the previous post, but just now read it. You are making a crochet covered bike basket, of course!!!!!
    xo Kris

  8. Me thinks it is a holder for a crate on the bike as the readers above me have said!
    Exciting :)

  9. You have really got me here, I like the idea of the bike basket cover as above but that still doesn't solve the sit clue, ok so you are going to cover the basket and hold it in place with the clips above, but I still can't figure what it's gonna be, if it's turned upside down it could be a rose flower stool, but why would you want to secure it and onto what!

  10. I am still going with the bike basket but to out the dog in not shopping. Jo x Thanks for popping my blog on your side bar and for always dropping by. Jo x

  11. Even before reading the comments, 'sit' and 'stay' reminded me of a dog. Do you have a dog already? I'm going to guess a dog bed. The clippy-looking things in the photo could be handles for the bed as well, I'm not sure.

  12. I guess either flower basket or bike basket.

  13. Yes, I'd have to join the bike basket vote today! What a fabulous idea if so! E x

  14. A basket for the dog to put in a shopping cart. Or, a basket to put by your chair that you can strap to the chair so no one takes it to hold your crochet projects.


  15. Still stumped ... everyone else's guesses sound good though! Especially the bike basket. I think I may know what tomorrow's word is though ... will let you know if I guessed right. :)

  16. Brainwave!

    SCOOTER BASKET! (Covered with granny roses of course.)


  17. All your guesses are cracking me up! Thank you for playing.

  18. Så fine hekla blomster! Det skal bli spennende å se resultatet. Jeg gjetter også på sykkelkurv.
    Tusen takk for hyggelig kommentar hos meg!
    Ha en fin-fin hekleuke! :-)

  19. ouh là, je n'avais pas vu les autres articles, donc je résume un poncho tenu par des sandows pour ne pas qu'il s'envole !
    Ah non c'est pas ça ???
    Dommage ;-)

  20. Это будет чехол для корзины для скутера, и она будет крепиться крючками, чтобы не упасть во время езды