Thursday, April 28, 2011

$35 Wedding

This weekend the NVO and I are celebrating our wedding anniversary.

I am so darn proud of our nuptial thriftiness
 that I must take this opportunity to brag about our fiscal finesse:
The cake and the flowers totalled $35

The NVO's shirt and tie totalled $35
My Dress was $35 on eBay
The pedicure complete with white daisies
to match wedding flowers...
you guessed it...$35
(I have been informed by certain fashion conscious offspring that hose is a "no-no" especially with opened toed shoes. Oh well, when one is so fiscally responsible one has the right to be fashionably challenged. Yes?)

The feeling we got from being so very cool with money....
you probably already know....


The $5,000 we saved by being ever so clever, we quickly paid down on the mortgage.
(This just very well may be the new status symbol of weddings - Dave Ramsey would be proud.)

For a truly inspiring and heartfelt thrifty wedding memory check out Lolly's wedding post...her post brought back memories of our wedding and spurned my post...and so very timely.


  1. Gratulerer med bryllupsdagen :o)
    Elsker eBay kjolen din :o)
    Er stor fan av å handle der.
    Håper dere hadde en strålende dag!

    God helg :o)

  2. A very happy anniversary wishes to you.

  3. Happy Anniversary to you and your hubby. Love the dress - it's beautiful. :)

  4. Happy anniversary to you.
    You and the NVO are the cutest!