Saturday, April 16, 2011

Rødt, Hvitt og Blått (Red, White and Blue)

Three Proud Flags, Three Proud Colors

Through my travels in this life, I have found that there are three countries that are especially proud of their flags: the USA, Norway and Texas. Now I know, and I know you know, that Texas is not a country (apparently it's a "Republic"), but Texans don't know that, so I just simply smile and play along.

It's funny and interesting to me that all three of these flags are red, white and blue and that the three "countries" that these flags represent are so near and dear to my heart.

USA: The country where I spent most of my years, the one that I call home.

Norway: The country of my birth, that I also call home.

Texas: The country that was home to the man of my dreams for 26 years: the NVO.

So how better for a crocheter to honor the flags of these three countries than to crochet dish/wash clothes of these flags. Especially appropriate with Norway's Independence Day celebration coming up just around the corner on the 17th of May (Syntende Mai). The Norwegian love, love, love their flag and you've never seen so many flags on this particular holiday.

This is the French flag.

Hmmmm... I just had another thought...I have a new blogging friend from France (another red, white and blue flag). She enjoys making dish/wash clothes fact she made some from my post with the dishcloth tutorial. Click here for her blog. She is involved in many lovely things.

Don't be fooled though, these are more than meets the eye, they actually do an excellent job at cleaning the dishes:
Look how sparkling clean and shiny the dishes came out!
That's a mug from Finland...beautiful, eh?
OH NO!!!! I just realized Finland's flag is blue and white! I wonder if there's any yarn left?)

I have gone "Red, white and blue" crazy!


  1. Merci Astrid !! Super génial cette idée de drapeaux bleu, blanc, rouge. Je surveille le prochain :)
    Bonne continuation et on reste en contact :)

  2. Not only are you a talented crocheter and blog writer, but you have definite promise as a commercial photographer. I continue to love your blog, your projects and your attitude.

  3. Creations Manuelles,

    The French flag was added shortly after your comment; it's in honor of you! I hope you saw it. :-)

  4. Thank you "K". My attitude takes after yours. ;-)

  5. Oh they are just Wonderful Astri!!! :)
    I particularly love how you have represented the stars on the USA flag - very clever!

  6. These are fantastic - your work always amazes me!

  7. Those are terrific, Astri,

    how do you make the plaid one?

    And yes, I love that mug!

  8. Ohhhhh, wonderful flag :) I like it !!!!
    Thanks a lot :)
    Your projects are so interesting.
    Bye, have a good sunday

  9. Hei Astri :o)
    Fikk bare lyst til å si HIPP HIPP HURRA,
    da jeg så de fine klutene dine.
    De er i grunnen for fine til å kalles kluter.
    Det ligger er award på siden min til deg.

    Ha en fin dag og et stort :o)
    fra Bergen.

  10. Many thanks for the comments and blog award Malu! Your Norwegian comments help me learn to read Norsk.

  11. Hipp hipp hurra :-) Hær gleder vi oss til 17 mai
    har du en oppskrift på det norske flagget?

  12. Mange takk for kommentar. Jeg vil gjerne skrive opp et mønster for de norske flagget, men det vil være etter den 17 mai. Jeg ser frem til den norske firandet!