Saturday, April 23, 2011

Påskebord (Easter Table)

Three members (Mor, Litte and Liv)
of the "The Secret Norsk Knitting Club" paid me a surprise visit yesterday:

I was so excited to see them, I'm not really sure they came to see me; I believe they came to see where the Husnissen lives. :-) However, to my surprise and delight, Liv brought me a gift from Norway. A lovely chicken and rooster tablecloth. There is nothing that could have given me more joy on this day!

The crème de la crème of Easter gifts.

Luckily, I thought quickly on my feet and presented each of them with a Norsk flag dishcloth; which seemed to delight them, as well. (They are so easy to please :-)

This changed the entire direction of the Easter table. I absolutely had to incorporate this tablecloth into our table setting for Easter Brunch, but I had already made a centerpiece??? What's a gal to do? Hmmmm...well, this gal dug, once again, to the bottom of the stash of yarn and frantically started crocheting a second chicken to match (not to the delight of the NVO) and this is what she came up with:

Ah Ha!
The table is set and ready for tomorrow morning's festivities.

Now I blog while the NVO....
makes "Chicken Crepes with Mushrooms and Asparagus" in preparation for the family visit.
Ahhhhhhh...this is the life; how sweet it is!

Having two crocheted chickens really is great because now the two young gals: #6 and #3a will receive them as gifts after brunch. (It's funny how I followed the same pattern, or so I thought, for these two and they turned out so different - one is short and plump and one is tall and slender. Very perplexing???)

Here's (clockwise from top left) Astri, The NVO, #3a, #3, and #6.
A Motley Crew, eh?
"An assorted and ill-disciplined group of ne'er do wells"

 I'm afraid these crazy gals will use their gifts as hats...

with the NVO as their leader.  :-)

I love our family and I love excuses (like holidays) to have them over.  I wish the rest of the motley crew in Texas, Lousianna, Minnesota, Arizona and California could be with us too!


  1. Just one word...INCREDIBLE!!!!!

  2. Very beautiful. I love your Easter chicken.

  3. Thank you for the generous compliments! Cluck, cluck!