Sunday, April 3, 2011

Astri Holthe Norsk Jul Plates

Astri Holthe Pewter Plate Collection

Astri Holthe, a Norwegian artist, designed 35 pewter Christmas plates. The collection runs from 1973-2007. These plates are incredibly charming and beautiful: scenes of Norsk Julen. Oh how they make me long for the traditional Norwegian Christmas.

In 1976 my Aunt in Norway began sending my mother in the USA one of these plates every Christmas until her death in 1990. Every year we looked forward to receiving the package from the land so far away. It became a tradition for many years.

Upon my mother's move back to Norway in 2004, to my surprise and delight, she gave me the 1976-1990 collection. Wow, how did she know how much I loved them?

The plates are displayed in our home, primarily in the living room:

with the last two plates of the collection (2006 and 2007) on a shelf in the kitchen:

For the last seven years I have been adding to my mothers original collection via trips to Norway, eBay, and internet searches etc... It's been quite a treasure hunt. As of last week, I had obtained all but three plates: 1973 (the first of the series), 2004 and 2005. Oh and I accidentally purchased two of the same year: 1975 and 1996. My husband mentions the store in Molde and the story where these duplicates were purchased in his post "This Bud's for You". These will probably head to eBay or Etsy unless I find an interested party lickity-split. Anyone?

It would be so nice to have the complete set, not for their monetary value but for a sense of completion and to keep the memory alive. Additionally, the asymmetry of the display is enough to drive a symmetrical gal like me batty! Their worth is of no consequence as Little Bug (#6) has graciously asked for them "one day." She's sentimental in this respect and it warms my heart that she cares. Now, if only I could get her to crochet with me life would be perfect.

Here are the empty spaces awaiting the other three plates....someday...someday...someday...

maybe the someday will be this week????
oooooooo....a cliffhanger....
Stay tuned!


  1. I havent seen these plates before - but I do understand your longing for norwegian chrismas. I´m very curios about how my children will live it - beeing a half norwegian when they get older, having children by them self etc - I have been thinking about a book, with our tradisions, recipiece etc - hope I will be abel to do that before I´m not abel to do it.
    I have loved to find your blog!

  2. Happy to have found your blog too Josefin. A Norwegian living in Spain - how fascinating! Yes, a book about the Norwegain Christmas would be wonderful. There are a couple of published books I have run across: "Ekte Norsk Jul", by Astrid Karlsen Scott and "Keeping Christmas", by Kathleen Stokker. Both are good books but I believe they are written by women in Minnesota. Astrid is an immigrant to the USA and I do not know about Kathleen. You could certainly write a great twist on it living in Spain!

  3. Hi. Just came across your blog as I was looking for information on Astri Holthe who designed the pewter Christmas Plates. They are beautiful! I notice you are interested in adding the 1973 plate to your collection. I have one that was part of my Mom's collection (my sister, my sister-in-law, and I each have a complete collection!) and I was wondering if you would be interested in purchasing the 1973 plate. I will await your response. Let me know either way. We can talk.

  4. Hi Bonnie!

    I tried to reply to you but the email address was nonreply so I am hoping you get this response. I was able to purchase the 1973 plate and now my collection is complete. Thank you so much of thinking of me. I wish I would have run into you earlier. It would be nice to communicate with a fellow Norsk plate collector though. :-) My email address is

  5. I have 1973 - 2000. I would love to finish the collection. Does anyone know where I can buy them?