Saturday, April 9, 2011

The Norsk Plate Collection is Complete

Look what arrived in the mail this week:

Remember this post that was messing with my symmetrical mojo?
Our mail carrier brought us exactly what we needed to complete the collection:

The three missing plates 1973, 2004, 2005

Unfortunately we had to sell our first born in order to come up with
enough cash to purchase the 1973 plate.
Sorry Lani ;-)

Note plate alignment above mirror.

Now that all is symmetrical in the home, I can finally sleep...well maybe not...but maybe as soon as the remixed klokkestreng from this post is finished....wait a minute....what is that to the right of the fireplace??? hmmmmmmm...stay tuned.

P.S. Something weird happened while I was taking these pictures. An unexplainable "thing" appeared in the mirror. See the NVO's post here for a recap of the weirdness.

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