Monday, April 18, 2011

Pay it Forward?

With much gratitude I have received the below blog award from Malu in Norway.

I am unfamiliar with this "Blog Award" giving process. From what I gather, it's like a chain letter complimenting others blogs and to give followers of those blogs an opportunity to check out other favorite or inspirational blogs. Unlike a chain letter, it certainly has a positive vibe to it. To receive such an award from a fellow blogger in Norway is such a compliment and treat.

I am to pass this award along to five blogs that inspire me, as well. The trick is these blogs must have less than 100 followers. There are so many blogs that inspire me and bring me so much joy so it's hard to narrow it down to five, but here's my best effort:

So thank you and back at ya' Malu, I send the award to you as your blog is truly inspiring. You crochet all kinds of fun and unique things that always make me smile and for that I am grateful.


  1. What a lovely treat, indeed. Well deserved, Astri.

  2. Takk Astri :o)
    Har ikke skrevet noe om det på bloggen min,
    men det er meningen at du skal sende awarden videre til 5 andre bloggere du syns er flotte med under 100 føllgere.

    God Påske fra Malu :o)

  3. Hei Astri. Tusen takk for æren, det setter jeg stor pris på. Imidlertid er bloggen min award-fri (men det kunne du jo ikke vite). Håper du ikke blir fornærmet over at jeg ikke sender awarden videre.

    ha en fin dag! :o)

  4. Hi Astri, thank you for passing this award to me! I'm very grateful and hope to see you again at my blog sometime!

  5. I'm about to do a post including your generous award and linking up to your dishcloth tutorial which has taught me two new techniques I was previously struggling with. You did a great job! Hope you'll do more tutorials as you seem to have a flair for them.

    Thank you so much once again, you lovely girl!

  6. Thank you all, and to quote my "Cuckoo Blogging Friend": YOU are all lovely!!!