Friday, April 15, 2011

Childhood Portraits

What to do with your childhood portraits once you become an adult?

The NVO and Astri
It seems a like a shame to get rid of them. Soooooooo...... much to the delight of both of our mothers we have been displaying them in their old deteriorating frames until today.... the NVO made frames for them to match our living room decor. :-)

When the NVO and I joined our lives in this home I ran across his portrait under his bed. (We won't talk about the other under bed things like dust and.....stuff.) Oh my goodness, it was the cutest thing I had ever seen . How about that outfit with the bow-tie? It's so early 50's Americana and it just oozes with nostalgia. I couldn't stand not seeing it every day so I hung it in the living room.

Shortly thereafter my mother came to visit, she looked at the portrait didn't say much and left in somewhat of a huff and returned lickity split with my portrait in hand. (Not oozing with anything but a happy smile.) She was not to be out done. It was so funny. Gosh, we laughed and are still laughing over that one. The story is told often, probably more than once to the same people, but we don't remember so that's okay. haha. What started out as a silly idea ended up being a part of our home's permanent decor. It makes the mom's happy and that makes us happy.

Thank you Mama Corky and Mormor for thinking we were portrait worthy.

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  1. I love old portraits. I have some in my hallway.

    Your NVO did such a wonderful job. They match beautifully with the decor.