Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Easter Chicken

I found the most darling  crocheted chickens on The Very Savvy Snail blog.
Take a peek, you will be amazed at how cute her chickens are!

They were SO cute that I wanted to crochet six for Easter brunch, one on each plate, specifically customized for each kiddo. So many ideas, i.e., one in tie dye, one with a MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) twist, one as a nurse, one as a mad scientist, etc., etc. The chicken is designed with a crocheted "liner", this helps her sit up without flopping and she has lots of room to keep an egg in an egg cup warm, or hide Easter goodies.

Silly me, I pictured them much smaller so I thought I could whip them up in no time. Boy, was I wrong; she barely fits on the plate and I would have been crocheting non-stop until Sunday morning to make them all. :-)

"Hey, buddy, you want a piece of me?"

Change of plans....
a centerpiece...

She will now rest (alone) upon an elevated nest which allows us all to see each other underneath the nest across the dining table. Perhaps I will add some blue glitter eggs, then she won't feel so lonely and those will be easier to make than five more chickens. ;-0

Six would have been great....maybe next year.

Happy Easter !!!


  1. Cute bird! I know what you're talking about. I want six quilted, white placemats for summer, but I have realized that I have to buy them if I want to use them this summer :-)

  2. Cute chick. You'll whip them out before Easter!

  3. are all so sweet! Too many projects and ideas and too little time. Do you all feel the same way?

  4. Just brilliant. Maybe you could make the other five for next year... although as a centerpiece it works so well. Love the legs... the colors.. all of it!

  5. Hi!
    I also made this chicken for my Easter table :)
    It's very funny!

  6. Hi Mopo, I found your post about the chicken and it is adorable. Thanks for the comment.