Monday, March 14, 2011

Daylight Savings Time-Monday (Mandag)

"It's About Time"
(Daylight Savings Time That Is)

In our neck of the woods, we lost an hour this weekend.
This week's posts will be about time and some of the things it's about time to do.

What can be done in an hour?

I was thinking, for some time now, that it's about time to post about another stitch from
the "Crochet Stitch Calendar".

This is another crochet stitch from the "365 Crochet Stitches a Year" Perpetual Calendar by Jean Leinhauser and Rita Weiss  - "V-Stitch", January 1
January 1 seemed like an appropriate stitch for the first post of the week on "It's About Time".
Three stitches down, 362 to go!)

Chain multiple 33 + 2 with simple picot edging.
This washcloth took about about an hour to make - to blog about it took another hour. ;-)

If you were given an extra hour what would you do with it?

We never know how much time we have, and with that thought my heart goes out to all the people in Japan. If only an extra hour could have been given to them, just an hour warning, just one simple hour, so many lives could have been saved. An hour that could have meant a lifetime to thousands of people. 

Loving and healing thoughts from all over the world are being sent your way every waking minute of every day. Once again, a shocking reminder to us, that we never know how much time we have. I will personally strive to be grateful for every precious minute in every precious day. I will make every effort to love the ones I love and love the ones I struggle to love.

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