Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Daylight Savings Time-Tuesday (Tirsdag)

This week's posts will be about time and some of the things it's about time to do.

What can be done in an hour?

In order to stay on budget while simultaneously feeding my crochet addiction, it's about time to make gifts from leftover yarn. :-)

This pattern came from "K". She was formerly known as "Nothing" when she commented on my blog.  (We nipped that one in the bud, with the she's really "Something" comment. ;-) ) Hmmmm...wouldn't it be funny if I gave her this dish rag as a gift? That doesn't really fall under the re-gift category, does it?
What would you call a gift that was made with a pattern that the gift recipent gave you in the first place?

Here's to you "K", thank you for the pattern.
It was an hour well spent!


  1. Wow...love the dish rag and of course, the crocheter who made the dish rag. Re: your guest room. Do you have an vacancies in Spring. I'd be happy to check in for a few days and share your favorite season. The room looks wonderful. Your guests should feel pampered and loved.

  2. Oh yes, "K" - lots of vacancies. Please come for a "Spring Crochet Retreat". We could crochet, watch movies, crochet, eat cookies, crochet and wear the same thing day in and day out. Oh and did I mention we could crochet too? Ahhhhhh....bliss.

  3. Nei...en time ikke med meg! hehehe =)