Monday, March 28, 2011

Strik med Mor, Randi, og Liv

First Invite (sort of) to Knit/Crochet with the Norwegian Ladies

My mother has the cutest Norwegian friends ever. They have been getting together to knit and 
occasionally crochet since I was a little girl. I have always wanted to join...I have never been invited in spite of all my hinting, manipulating and downright asking. It has never worked. Sometimes I was told I would be invited next time...they said they would call me...never happened. This went on for years.

Now I know why...

My mother is recovering from hip replacement surgery and it has not been going quite as well as expected, so her cute Norsk friends have been fighting over who gets to take care of her. It's so sweet. They take turns sleeping over at her little condo and they take care of mor and knit, knit, knit. I am so jealous; I am getting left out of the knitting shenanighans once again. Ouch... the painful lifetime memories. :-)  

Well as the story unfolds...last Friday mor called me and said she needed someone to come stay the afternoon to give her friends a break. Could that someone be me? Oh yes! I was excited. I made the necessary work arrangements gathered up my WIP and headed over.

Hmmmmm...upon my arrival Randi was sitting there knitting and I thought "Oh good, she can be relieved of her duties now." But no, she stayed and continued knitting. Then to my surprise Liv arrived with chocolate rum cake. Mor had said they needed a break but they had no intentions of "taking a break". Perhaps taking care of my mor is a break to them. They are all widows and mor, come to find out, is fun! They stayed, we laughed, they knitted, I crocheted, we ate rum cake. So, all in all, we all got what we wanted...they got to continue taking care of mor and I got to crochet as part of the group. :-) :-) :-)

I also came to realize why I had not been invited to be part of this group. Through the stories that were told and the reminising of  the old days, it came out that these "church" ladies have been carrying-on together in all kinds of "non-church" ways. Funny hilarious road trips, knitting adventures and secret activities. They are the same age, they go to the same church, they all emigrated from Norway in the early 1960's. I did not have those things in common with them and none of their other daughters wanted to join in on the fun. It all makes sense now. It makes me so happy that they had their time together and that they still do, and occasionally I may be lucky enough to join in on just a little of the fun.

Mor WIP; knitting yoga toes, no heel. Bless her heart, the walker shown in this picture is her constant companion. I hope she heals soon and can travel back to Norway to be with her husband that misses her so.
The Yoga Socks.
Another one of mor's WIP's.  It's called a Fana Kofte. I like the way that sounds "Fana Kofte." I could say it over and over again. I love these Norwegian words. They make me happy. (Thank you, Inga Helene.)
Once again, mor is using that lovely Dale Baby Ull yarn.

This is Randi, knitting washclothes. She was knitting so fast that most of the photos were blurred, but she must have taken a nano-second breather during this particular shot.

Liv was too busy feeding us the chocolate rum cake to knit. She is a crocheter too, more than the others are. I did teach her how to make the crocheted rose from my Pink post. After the lesson she asked if she could just come to my house with yarn and she would massage my feet while I make the roses for her. Ha, ha; I must not be a good teacher. Maybe the other ladies could come to my home, as well, and then I could count that as number two invite to the "Norsk Knitting Ladies Get Togethers." ;-)


  1. How nice that you finally were allowed entrance in the "holy" circle :-). I also made myself a Fana-kofte many years ago. It was ruined in the first wash as the yarn bled :-(

  2. I did not know that ws called a Fana Kofte. I will add that to my post. Thank you! It wasn't the Dale yarn that bled, was it?