Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Daylight Savings Time-Wednesday (Onsdag)

This week's posts will be about time and some of the things it's about time to do.

What can be done in an hour?

It's about time I make a "one hour" treat for the NVO.

We take dance lessons twice a week (the lessons are one hour) and after we both work a long day (NOT one hour) it's difficult to get us out the door, once we are home.
The NVO was greeted with coffee and cookies last night on his arrival home from work and this was exactly what we needed to give us that "kick" out the door for our lesson.
(You thought it was going to be another crocheted dish rag, didn't you? hmmmmm...just wait until tomorrow)

I found this cookie recipe on my favorite food blog "For the Love of Cooking", click here for the link. I added some instant coffee granules for more of a mocha taste and since I did not have the chocolate chips I used my standard almond extract. These cookies were so buttery and delicious. I have yet to find a recipe on the "For the Love of Cooking", blog that I have not "loved to cook". Everything turns out so yummy!

I intended to take photos of the process of making these; however, since I was trying to make it under an hour, I promise, you do not want to see what the kitchen looked like during that process. ;-)

#6 surprised us with these daring tulip napkins when she came over for dinner on Sunday.
She's the only left to come around for Sunday dinner
 and possibly the only one left that thinks we are still cool. ;-)

Thank you Little Bug!

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