Wednesday, March 23, 2011


Dreams of Mastering Two Languages Continued...

Additional words in Norsk that throw me for a loop!

Gift: Married or Poison
Gikt: Arthritis
Gikk: Went
Gave: Gift

I love that "married" translated into Norwegian is "gift"...but "gift" also means poison in Norwegian????
"Gift" translated into Norwegian is "gave" and THAT one makes sense.
Then there's "gikk". Oh man, which one has the "t" and which one doesn't? And then of course one has a double consonant so it is said quicker. Perhaps, I can remember this one by thinking that "She "gikk" fast." Ha!

I am perplexed; thank goodness for posting to a blog because that helps me keep it all straight.
(Yeah, right!)

This is Mr. and Mrs. NVO; gift (married).
(Apparently checking out the halitosis situation.)

We are each other's "gave".
(This is the mushy stuff our children get grossed out we do it more, of course. )
Hoping one of the six will read this and get grossed out accordingly.

Now, I know "gift" and "gikt" don't sound much alike,
but for the life of me, I can not keep these two words straight.
I've been known to say:

Jeg er gikt med han. (I am arthritis with him.)
Jeg har gift i hoften min. (I have marriage or poison in my hip.)

I suppose the "gikt" will increase as we age,
 and hopefully we won't have to deal with any "gift" (the poison kind)
and we will remain each others "gave" (gift),
but for now I hope that someone.... someday can say :

"They lived long as a "gift" couple...
and they lived happily ever after as garden gnomes?"

...og de levde lykkelig alle sine dager!


  1. Min beste gaven er å være gift med deg Astri.

  2. oya, oybay,isthey ustmay ebay umsay ufya atthey ossgray uffstay! Etbay ooya idn'tday onay Iyay uzway uentflay inya igpay atinlay.

  3. Yes ma'am it is gross: Digger wrote "my best gift is to be married to you Astri" and I said "Awwwwwww...same here". No wonder our kids don't read our blog. hehe.

    And I knew you were fluent at something I just couldn't pin point it. Now I know.