Sunday, March 13, 2011

Gjester (Guests)

Guests are arriving this week to ski, ski, ski!!!

It is esssential that the guest room is prepared and ready for these loved ones and that is todays project.

Our city is a mecca for skiiers. We hosted the 2002 Winter Olympics. This winter wonderland that is our home, has been touted as the place with the "Best Snow on Earth" and it may very well be true. We live in a desert so the snow is dry, and we get a lot of it!  (No signs of global warming going on here.) After a storm there are plenty of people here that will forsake everything else in their lives in order to partake in a "powder day." We do enjoy a good day of alpine skiing but can leave the powder days for the powder hounds. At least one of our guests may be a powder hound. :-)

Alta, Utah
Of course, this run is much steeper than it appears in the photo.
 AND I am going much faster than it appears in the photo, as well. ;-)

We live approximately 20-30 minutes from five large ski resorts; hence most of our guests long to come during the winter time. Sometimes I think it's a shame because we are fortunate enough to enjoy four distinct seasons here, Spring being my personal favorite, and I feel it coming on and it makes me smile.

Somewhere between Solitude and Brighton, Utah.

The snowshoeing isn't so bad either.
(I do not know what the NVO is doing with his arms????)

Enough of the the winter sports and back to the task at hand, the Gjesten Rom...

The closet went from this to this.
That was no easy feat as I have taken over every closet in the house except one. To empty this closet for guests when all the other closets were full...well....all I can say is....poor NVO!
A dejunking and organizing closet posting opportunity lurks in the wings. ;-)

The room is now ready to welcome our guests:

Velkommen gjester, ønsker vi deg en koselig tid her!

Søte drømmer. :-)

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