Wednesday, March 30, 2011

"K" and Lolly - The Dishrag/Potholder Fun Continues!

"K" and Lolly

My wonderful friend "K" is also my crocheting buddy.
My wonderful blogging friend "Lolly" is also my crocheting buddy.

If you have previously read my posts you may recall "K", we made the Pink breast cancer blanket together. Also see Pink Follow-Up. (She formerly called herself "Nothing" - silly girl, so far from the truth.) "K" surprised and delighted me by reading my blog and making the dishrags/potholders from the Pattern For Lolly post and sent me this photo of the finished product. She follows instructions extremely well.

And then "K" made these adorable Easter bonnets for her granddaughters:

Hmmmm....I'm thinking that "K's" granddaughters sort of resemble balloons.
What do you think?

And then there's that Salty Lolly, she has taken the pattern to a whole new level and posted about it here.
Holy cow...what great talent and what an eye for color!

These two ladies have made my heart sing.
(And a singing heart is about as good as it gets.)

Thank you for making me feel so good!!!

1 comment:

  1. Wow, gals.

    Astri, I love making hearts sing. That makes my day.
    Your work is lovely, lovely, lovely.

    You two have been crocheting like crazy. I've got about 5 projects going including these here cloths, so I've been slow. I do a couple rows each time I pass it my work pile in the kitchen area. LOL.

    Yesterday I picked up some more cotton yarn so that means more color play.

    I will finish my first one tonight.