Sunday, March 6, 2011

God Bedring Erna!

Helse Drømmer

My mother is in-town visiting the USA from Norway. Bless her heart, during her visit she is having hip replacement surgery. Her surgery is tomorrow. I will be with her tomorrow at the hospital, and the NVO will come to the hospital after his work day is over, bearing gifts of comfort and joy.

My mother knits (Min mor strikker -see previous post) so a small gift has been prepared to surprise her in her hospital room, in an effort to cheer her up and let her know we are thinking of her.

The basis of the gift starts with her favorite yarn, Dale of Norway Baby Wool
(Baby Ull - Dalegarn)

And then it turns into a bouquet:

Flowers are the traditional "Get Well" (God Bedring) gift; however we wanted to give her something that would last longer than flowers, so we have made her a flower bouquet of yarn, made with our love and well wishes.

Mom and I like to combine our crafts.
Here is our latest collaboration:
(I have referred to my mother in previous posts; she is the knitter (strikker) and I am the crocheter (hekler).)

Do you recognize the apple blossoms? My part of this collaboration was quite minimal, and non-existent in reference to the boy hats. I like these easy projects. :-)

She will likely be looking for something to entertain herself during recovery, so we are hoping the yarn flower bouquet will come to the rescue.

Here's to a speedy recovery mom; we love you!


  1. Oh my your poor mom, hope her surgery goes well and it's great you'll be there to take care of her! LOVE the yarn bouquet! Such a cute "American" idea ;-) I LOVED the hats also, too bad my kids are all too big for those hats and I have no grandbabies yet...but someday!
    Du må ønske din mamma god bedring fra meg- kos deg masse sammen når hun kommer hjem!
    En varm klem fra meg i Norge :-)

  2. What a beautiful gift to your Mom. I love the bouquet idea. I might just have to steal that if it's okay. I checked out your last post as well. Congrats on the binders. I have put my recipes into two binders, but I wish they looked as good as yours. Again, I might have to steal that. TEE HEE.
    Thanks for sharing, and I hope everything goes well with your Mother.

  3. Thank you for the kind words and the well wishes. Amy, once you have grandchildren we will send you a hat! Yes Hillery, I am flattered that you would be inspired to do the same, please do so and I would love to see a post about binders and flwoer bouquets. I had a difficult time photographing the bouquet. It looks better in real life. :-) A couple more skeins of yarn would have been nice too, but holy cow is that imported yarn pricey!

  4. I check this blog every day hoping for a new post. It just makes the day go better.

    #10 The diversity of the posts, from ice fishing to Norwegian dancing.
    #9 The uplifting positive feelings in the posts that flow into my day and life
    #8 The incredible photography
    #7 The recipes Astri shares with her devoted followers...I even copied the Indian Fry Bread in the Recipe post
    #6 Astri's clever ideas, love the yarn bouquet
    #5 Astri's passion for life and the NVO
    #4 The inspiration I get from reading the posts
    #3 The witty and heartfelt writing
    #2 Astri's sensitivity to people
    #1 The love and kindness of Astri that you can read in the lines and between the lines

    Keep up the good work. We love you.

  5. All the very best to your MUM :))
    It is wonderful the way you both combine your craft, and the latest is very pretty.
    Best wishes Pat :))

  6. Surgery was perfect. All is well and Mor loved the bouquet but not as much as the male medical assistant. I think he wanted to take it home. Hmmmmm....I'm very curious as to what he would do with an arrangment like that; if he's a crocheter - all the more power to him!

    Thank you Pat, for the sweet comment all the way from Tasmania. Makes me feel so good.

    Wowie, wow, wow, wow, "Nothing" that was a most incredible comment. You keep me wanting to continue to post with your love and praise. I am humbled by your kind words.

  7. What a nice gift! You know Baby Ull from Dale is my personal favourite. And it's nice to read that the surgery went well.

    A small language note:
    strikking = knitting
    stryking = ironing


  8. Ha,ha. I may have to blog about all the Norsk words that I get mixed up.

    Here's a couple:

    Tjene(To earn)
    Kjenne(To have knowledge)

    I suppose as an accountant "Jeg kjenne hva jeg tjene."

    Can't keep those two words straight - they sound exactly alike to me. I must get back to Norway soon! Perhaps I'll go back with Mor once her hip is healed well enough to fly home.

  9. Hehe. The trick to keep those two words apart is the length of the n-s in the middle and the t-sound in the first word.

    I would have said: 'Jeg vet hva jeg tjener' instead.'Kjenne' is a word I would use like this:
    'Jeg kjenner den personen' (I know that person).

  10. Oh my goodness, do I ever I need more lessons! It's funny, the NVO said that "vet" would have been a more appropriate word; however, I told him that if I used "vet" then I would not have been be able to use both words in the same sentence. ;-)

    Thank you Inga Helene - it's good to have someone with such an excellent grasp on both languages to help me. One thing I have noticed about the Norwegians: they really appreciate it when you make an effort to speak or write their language although most can converse beautifully in English. And they, like you, are always happy to help in a very kind way.

    Nå må jeg gå på jobb og tjene litt penger med noen folk jeg kjenner. Hmmmm...isn't "gå" walk not go? This one always throws me for a loop. I'm really not walking to my job; I'm unfortunately driving in spite of the rising costs of fuel. I wish I could walk though. :-)

  11. 'gå' means both walk and go. So if you're driving to work, you're also going to work, because going is not only the physical aspect of it :o)