Saturday, March 5, 2011

Oppskrift Organisering (Recipe Organizing)

Finally, another dream come true:
Our favorite recipes are now at our fingertips

Whew, hew!!!
This was one of those projects that was fun when it was done.
Done is fun!
Way too many recipes!

I would have liked to consolidate and throw away many more, but too many years of cooking and baking from two different countries in addition to trying every diet ever known to mankind got in the way. Growing up in and then owning a restaurant/bakery didn't help matters, either. The piles of recipes kept growing and growing and got "out-of-hand" until now. There may be a lot of them but at least there's more of a semblance of order now.

From this

to this................................and finally to this

Fancy Post-it Note Dividers:
Better dividers will be added in the future, but I will have to be creative as I was bound and determined that this project was not to cost anything more than my time.
I was told by myself that I was to use what I had.

Look what I found while organizing the recipes: my very first recipe ever. It's still on the original index card.
 This makes me smile. :-)
7th Grade Home Economics Class

Additionally, the NVO has his own book
(hmmmm...he needed only one binder - he's got something figured out that I have not figured out yet.)

The NVO has a different style of cooking from mine. It comes from living in California, New Mexico, Texas and Louisiana; hence, he definitely needs a binder of his own.
His spicy recipes would frighten my bland recipes if they were consolidated into the same binders.

My goal is to have every nook and cranny of the house organized, clean and spruced up at no-cost or low-cost at the same time the mortgage is paid off...that gives me until August 2012. I better hurry as I am surrounded by many, many organizing and sprucing up opportunities.

Jeg pusser huset til oss!
(I just love the way that sounds.)


  1. WOW :o)
    Du er jammen flittig og flink.
    Er helt inponert over alle oppskriftene du har.
    Tusen takk for hyggelig mail :o)
    Gi beskjed om du kommer til Bergen en gang.

    Ha en hyggelig Søndag :o)

  2. WOW WOW WOW! The Captain would love you, he's an organizer by heart, loves to have a place for everything and quite honestly when it comes to recipes I'd love to have them as neat as you've made yours. I have recipes all over the place, stashed in books, on the back of envelopes, you name it! I'm totally impressed and inspired, perhaps if I can find some time to start a project like that I can use some of your ideas!!
    Take care :-)

  3. Ha ha, seems like The Captain and I could have some good organizing chats. Maybe it's in the Norsk blood; my cousins in Norway (they are ALL in Norway) seem to be very organized. It sounds like the condition of your recipes was the condition mine were in a few weeks ago. I could not find a particular recipe for the life of me. I still have so many messes to clean up!