Sunday, September 7, 2014

2014 Garden

Last year, the garden was the subject of nearly a once-a-week post.
This year there is unfortunately only one post.
And this is it.
You see, we were in Norway during the planting time, 
(May and beginning of June)
so we got a late start.

The good thing is, though, this made for the year of the "budget garden".
I had such great luck with the $1 Store "Bachelor Buttons" from this post,
last year, I thought I would try them again with some additional $1 store flower varieties.
I figured if I planted too late, then so-be-it, I didn't spend much, right?
Now, mind you, these were 4/$1.
I spent USD $4 for all these packets.
And then an extra $20 for some annuals that were
reduced at the nursery.
Then added a couple of castor beans plants from a good friend
and this is what we got:
I didn't even start these..I just sprinkled them on the ground
 a threw some dirt over them...literally.
(Oops, my photo taking shadow.)

Here's that castor bean plant:
The leaves are huge:

And as far as a harvest is concerned:

There were the grapes we juiced as they were seeded:

 A few tomatoes:
 There might be a couple of squash...

Three herbs:
 mint and rosemary.
Poor zucchini,
 had stunted growth, but still pretty.

All things considered, we felt like it was a good year in spite 
of the late start, and we have had plenty of summer days spent out 
in the yard, either working, playing or relaxing.
Remember, it's never too late. ;-)

I hope you have had a grand summer!


  1. Your dollar-store garden is lovely! I especially like those pink zinnias, and the pretty, frilly cosmos plants. They look as though they might burst into flower any day now. :)

  2. So lovely to see your colourful garden. I especially love your zinnias, mine didn't do well this year - too much rain and too much heat, I think. Those castor bean plant leaves are amazing and such a lovely shape. Plants and flowers give us so much pleasure, don't they?

  3. beautiful! What a flower show, indeed! And the veg looks great too! My garden is pretty much all done. I have few things left growing, but most has finished.
    xo Kris

  4. Beautiful Garden and flowers and herbs and veg too. We grown herbs but not much else lately lol

  5. Lovely garden !! I am facing a problem of heavy winds in my new flat as the balcony is west facing. No problem of sunlight but the plants like zinnia and cherry tomatoes are not growing properly tall even with support.

  6. Te garden pictures are very beautiful, hugs to you.

  7. Le jardin est tout aussi magnifique que l'intérieur de la maison, félicitations :-)