Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Caprese Soup

I promised you something good to eat, right?
Well, here is my best effort.
 (this one makes use of all those tomatoes that are harvesting right now.)
Caprese Soup!

( A family favorite)

I apologize, in advance, for my lack of providing measurements, but I think you would
be able to improvise based on the amount of tomatoes you have. ;-)
You could even leave some ingredients out and I think it would still be yummy.
(Add some too, and then tell me about it in the comment section.)
Here's what I did:
Chopped up a bunch of onions, garlic, all the garden tomatoes I had left,
and I even had a small bag of tri-color mini mild peppers.
Add a little water.

 Added three cans of tomatoes.
(I like the fire roasted best - but anything will do.)
 Some chicken base...I like this one: no MSG!
 Basil from the garden.
 Basil was rinsed then cut, with kitchen shears, directly into the pot.

S & P, Red Pepper Flakes, and Italian Seasoning.
About this much. :-)
Something creamy.

I used Almond Milk and Greek Yogurt.

arm your self with this handy tool,
and puree it right in the pan.

Better lighting = Yum!
 Now grab some fresh mozzarella cheese and balsamic vinegar,
 and a bowl.
There are two serving options:
First like this:
(Cheese on the bottom will help the cheese melt a little.)
Balsamic Vinegar
Soup and sprig of basil.
(Hides cheese.)
This is the second option and my preferred method:
Soup first, then cheese and vinegar with sprig of basil.


Leftovers were individually frozen and saved for lunches.
There will be fighting over these leftovers!
Let me know if you make it and what you added or left out!


  1. Delicious! Have you tried eating this with pickles on the side? Love that.
    Have a perfect day.

  2. My kind of recipe - bung it all in and whizz. My kind of soup too - much better than opening a can. Our soup was a courgette base again today with peppers and some fiery tomato base from our chicken casserole. There's still more for tomorrow.

  3. That sounds really delicious. I love the addition of yogurt for creaminess. Thanks for sharing.

  4. That looks delicious! I love to make soups in the colder months! I will try this!
    xo KRis

  5. Mmmmm ... it's starting to feel like soup weather. This looks great! :)

  6. This looks yummy, my tomatoes in the garden are still green, I did manage to pick my first 2 ripe ones yesterday to add to my salad for my evening meal. I am not sure why mine are so late getting ripe. I thought I might try a chutney if they persist in staying green much longer lol :-)