Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Project Progress

Another "Granny Rose" project on the horizon:
 These flowers are made with Stylecraft Special DK yarn
 in Saffron, Apricot and Shrimp, but
Jaffa will be added, as well (bottom right),
to complete some of the colors of autumn.
Roses pattern found here.
The entire Rose Granny Square plus how to make a pillow out of the squares found here.
(These are not going to be a pillow, this time.)
These looked so perfectly lined-up behind the lens...

Oh well, how perfectly lined-up do they look now? ;-)
Stay close, this will be a fun one!


  1. Astri I love these rose granny squares, not a pillow this time, I am intrigued lol. I am going to share your post on G+ x

  2. The colours you use Astri are always so pretty... :))hugs pat ..

  3. These roses would make a great scarf, something very extraordinary. I love the pattern and wonder what you will make of them. Have a nice day, Viola

  4. Beautiful garden of roses! I just love looking at them! Lovely colors!

  5. As usual, your roses are gorgeous. I can't wait to see what this becomes!

  6. Oooooo - pretty. I wonder what they will be. :)

  7. Can't wait to see the finished project, Astri. Those colours are so gorgeous, and so aptly named! Chris x

  8. Oh my goodness! the colours are glorious!