Monday, September 8, 2014

Tilda Love

Today is a very special day,
as a package from Brazil arrived in the mail.
It included this beautiful custom made Tilda doll from my dear blogging friend Pri at the
What a wonderful and generous package from Pri!
This Tilda already sits on the kitchen shelf;
coordinating perfectly with her surroundings.
Check out her darling little bird and birdcage:
Her detailed boots:
 and isn't she pretty with her long locks and Scandinavian inspired dress?:
But that's not all,
Pri also included an angel Tilda as well:
She has light blue gingham wings!
I tried this one in the kitchen, as well, and it was good,
but she really belonged on top of my vanity cabinet in our bedroom,
to watch over us as we sleep:
Angels have a special place in my heart and in my life.
It's in regards to the story of meeting my husband.
(I believe an angel sent him to me, and the angel may have been working with my father.)
I got tears in my eyes when I saw this perfect angel in the package.
The Scandinavian angel now sits next to the Scandinavian plate.
It's a perfect fit.
And just when I thought that the "thoughtfulness and generosity meter" could not go any higher,
it exploded with another item in the package,
this bunny:
 I believe this is similar to the Danish Maileg bunny.
Look at that face.
So cute that I can hardly stand it!
I immediately phoned my mother, who is visiting from Norway, and invited
her to come over and see the goodies that came in today's mail.
She was nearly as delighted as I am.
She left with "Bunny" and some yarn, and is setting out
to knit something Norwegian for this lucky hare.
I am so excited I can hardly wait!
Oh, and the thoughts of some crocheted items are also making their way into my head.
I think "Bunny" is going to need an entire wardrobe.
Gosh, I better look up some Barbie patterns.
Perhaps I can modify some patterns from my adorable friend Cogaroo from
her blog: Cogaroo's Crafts.
Bunnies: a good excuse (like we needed one) to crochet!
How very thoughtful of Pri, I can't believe it:
Three Scandinavian inspired dolls!
I love all three of them!



  1. What a sweet and thoughtful friend - and so talented. I like them all!

  2. Wow how gorgeous, love them all and such a wonderful friend to have. Look forward to seeing those clothes too lol xoo

  3. Gorgeous dolls Astri. You are one lucky lady.


  4. What a lovely package of presents you got from Pri! My favourite is the first doll with long hair with the birdcage. I love her clothes and the long curly hair and those boots! I do wish the two dolls had mouths though!! Bunny has a cute face and a mouth!

  5. Oh Astri, I wish, I wish, I wish! Precious gifts from a precious friend!

  6. How lucky you are to have such a generous and talented friend. It will be fun making clothes for the bunny.

  7. You are so lucky and I have to admit I am a bit jealous as each and everyone of those dolls are just amazing.
    Enjoy them,

  8. What a wonderful friend, the dolls are absolutely gorgeous and you found the perfect places for them! Maybe you can make some granny roses for the bunny... :)

  9. How lovely Astri, I love them, I don't have a Tilda doll or Tilda angel but I do have bunnies did you meet them?..
    I have them sitting in my window, I hope your's give you as much pleasure as mine have done. :) xxx

  10. Oh, I LOVE Tilda designs, and have made a few of dolls myself! These are beautiful! What a thoughtful gift!! I have tons of Tilda fabric in my stash, but soo little time to anything with it....I need more hours in the day! Big hug xxx

  11. Très, très jolie réalisation, fort beau !!!!