Friday, September 12, 2014

Gone Texas! (A Norwegian phrase)

While in Norway, we discovered a most interesting phrase that was used in our presence:
"Gone Texas"
This is how it was used:
"That party had gone Texas!"
Hmmmmmm....we thought (the NVO having spent 26 years in Texas and all),
so, curiously, we asked, "What does that mean?"
Well, from what we gather, it means something got really wild and crazy.
(Apparently the Norwegians think Texas is the wildest of our States...
might be..who knows for sure?)
That's all we needed to know. ;-)
It has now become part of our "little sayings" repertoire.
(In fact the wind is blowing so wildly at our home right now, it's "Gone Texas".) 
Well, now I can safely and literally say we have, "Gone Texas",
 and Louisiana and New Mexico and a little bit of Colorado, too.
It's a road trip!
First to visit a new grandbaby, and two daughters in NOLA, LA.
Then Houston for another grandchild and son.
Then the Texas Hill Country, checking out relocating options.
Then, NM for a green chili burger!
And this is the first time that one of our offspring has actually requested
 that I make and bring some crocheted items!
Yeah! Finally!
And here they are,
six dishcloths!
(The requested colors were: hot pink, yellow, ocean blue and grass green.)
How did I do?
How did I do on the segue?
 The middle yarn is called "psychedelic".
This is my most popular pattern and can be found here.
Folks (and kinfolk now, too) love receiving these, they can wring them out and
hang them on the faucet to dry.
Once you use these it's likely you will never want anything else.
These make fantastic gifts!
And here are more photos of the dishcloths,
with "Fiestaware" which seems to me has
"Gone Texas" too.

Bright, huh?
Just like the kiddo that requested them. ;-)

May your day
GO the TEXAS way!


  1. *laughing* Helt Texas ( totally Texas) has truly gone wild.
    We've all used that frase. Love your dishclothes.
    Have a nice trip and I expect lovely photos during or after :)

  2. They are definitely bright and cheery. I love them, and I'm sure the offspring that receives them will love them too. Have a safe and happy trip. :)

  3. So pretty and cheerful. Chablis collects Fiesta ware.

    Enjoy your road trip. Safe travels!

  4. Oh how pretty! I must get that pattern!
    xo Kris

  5. Have a safe trip! Remember you are always welcome down here in southwest Louisiana. Look forward to hearing about your trip. Enjoy your family, food, and the fantastic sunshine and HEAT! Hugs, Linda@Wetcreek Blog

  6. Great dishcloths, have a wonderful time on your trip.

  7. Love the colors of the dishcloths. Have a great trip Astri.


  8. You did great Astri! Lovely dishcloths so bright and cheerful have a great trip, sounds like fun. :) xx

  9. Pretty dishcloths, Astri :-) Have a fun, safe trip. We're just south of Dallas so I'll be thinking of you when you've Gone Texas!

  10. Wait a minute ... wait just a darn tootin' minute! "Relocating options"?????

    Enjoy all that family and food time! And yes, you nailed the dishcloth colours. :)