Thursday, September 4, 2014

Afghan Test Swatch

I am just about done with pattern designing and writing for a while.
But, I would like to "show-and-tell" you how I edit and test my patterns, before I publish them.
You see, the NVO is my editor; he doesn't even crochet,
 but he is good with grammar and words, and helps me tremendously. 
A BIG shout out to the NVO!

Okay, so since the NVO can't crochet and I am impatient, the NVO edits the pattern, 
I enter his edits, then proof-read it, sleep on it (overnight - not just a nap. ;-) )
and then the next day I pretend like I did not write it
 and I make a test swatch with "new or fresh eyes" from the pattern.

And here is my test swatch for the 
"La Vie en Rose Afghan and Border/Edging Pattern":

I generally use different colors from the original pattern when testing, 
because by this time I am tired of the colors I have been using,
especially if it's been TWO YEARS!
 Do you like the border?
If so, the border/edge pattern can be found here.
(It's an eleven-page step-by-step photo tutorial.)

Crocheted in white, the border looks a little like an eyelet lace.
(check it out tomorrow)

This test swatch is a little strange though, as the border is so large
 in relation to the middle squares. 

What do you think I should make out of it?

It's too big for a pin-cushion (my usual standby).
Its too small for a pillow (another standby).

Also, with that border, I'm not sure it could be made larger???
I'm also not particularly keen on making another one,
but if I must I will. :-)

I would love your input!

Stay tuned, as tomorrow, I will post the afghan
 all finished with its border.

I would also like to thank you all for your comments and input
 on the fluffier rose from yesterday's post.

Looks like the most popular rose pattern variation is the color called "Shrimp":
I like that best too.
Although I've never seen shrimp the above color,
 (I've seen salmon that color, though.)
the shrimp I have eaten are more like this color:
And this is "Apricot".'s all so confusing!


  1. I like your test swatch! The colours are harmonious. As for colours, I really love 'apricot', but I find that the darker orange, 'shrimp', is complementary to the apricot. They go well together! The border looks lovely!

  2. You could just put it on a side table and add a candle - I think that would look nice. :)

  3. The border looks perfect for the afghan! You crochet very fast :)
    The test swatch, as Debi said can be used as a small table top. You may also make it as a wall hanging by adding some stringed beads or tassels.

  4. I know I've said this before, but everything you do is so pretty.

  5. You have a wonderful way with colors. Shrimp makes me want some seafood -- or see food as I like to call it. I see food and I want it. LOL! Lovely and can't wait to see the blanket.

  6. I really like those colors you used in your test sample (which would be great as a dollhouse area rug…but perhaps that's just me!) Also, that edging is so pretty, I would love to do that on an afghan someday. :)

  7. your test swatch could make a cute little bag if you make another one and stitch them together somewhere on a straight line in that large edging.

  8. A beautiful test swatch, I love the colours. Love the large edging would be a prefect to put a small jug of flowers or a candle on.

  9. Put it in the middle of your table with a lovely vase of flowers on it.
    I love how you make your patterns, and get help with the editing. Hugs,

  10. It is a beautiful border! I have no idea what you could do with your test swatch, but what about it just being a beautiful square doily for your dressing table! xx

  11. Que sont jolies et délicates ces petites roses ! Très belle couleur ;-)
    A bientot

  12. Oh wow, its gorgeous. I love the edging

  13. The border is gorgeous, I think it could be an eyecatching border for a shawl as well. Maybe you could make a doll's cushion out of your test swatch. My daughter would be delighted to get such a beautiful cushion for her dolls. I really appreciate your colourful crochet work. Have a nice weekend, Viola