Saturday, September 20, 2014

Blanket and Pillow for "Sharkie"

We have been on vacation for the last couple of weeks and we are back.
Posts were scheduled during the absence and I did read
every single one of all your wonderful comments on my phone;
however, due to data usage this was the most I could do.
I will be around to visit soon.
While away it was noted that one of our grandson's stuffed animals
 was in need of blanket and pillow.
This particular stuffed animal was a shark...
a kissing shark, not a biting shark according to his master.
This made for a great road trip project...and let me tell you, we covered A LOT of road!
Louisiana to Texas to New Mexico to Colorado and back home to Utah.
So here are the results of the road trip project:

Our four year old grandson chose the colors. :-)
Gotta' make sure that "Sharkie" knows where these came from.

All packed up and ready to head to Texas!


  1. Hi Astri, I hope that you had a wonderful time away, I understand about the blogging while away thing, I did much the same as you. I love the blanket and pillow, a great gift for a soft toy and his carer indeed!! xx

  2. "Sharkie" will surely love this great pillow and blanket. And your grandson has a super eye for color. Love the design! Look forward to some trip stories. Linda@Wetcreek Blog

  3. Very pretty - love the pattern and the colors.

  4. Gorgeous Astri. I love the pattern and the colors he chose.


  5. Turquoise and blue waves blanket and pillow for a kissing shark! It sounds like you had a lovely trip!

  6. Oh this is beautiful, what a lucky shark :-)

  7. Ooo pretty! They look very snuggly!

  8. The blanket and pillow remind me of the sea, so it will be perfect for Sharkie. I'm sure your grandson will love it. :)

  9. Lovely Astri, love the colours and the pattern. :)

  10. That was really a big road trip! Good that you're back safe and sound :-). Blanket and cushion are super, perfectly sharky-like, thumbs up! Greetings & have a wonderful week, Nata xxx

  11. All I can say is these are beautiful.

  12. Hola Astri bellisima!!! la manta y el almohadón que hermoso conjunto bien combinados los colores divinos!!! besitos.