Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Guess the five favorite things from Norway: Post 12

Photo #12:
Can you identify five of my favorite things in this photo?
(Two should be VERY easy.)

We were patronizing this bakery in Oppdal:

Yesterday's Photo's from post #11:
Was guessed the closest by:

Mrs. M of Mr. Micawber's Recipe for Happiness blog with this comment:

I'm completely stymied, but my, what stylish boots you're wearing! And one of those signs seems to read "National Park Info" and "Oppdal". Is Oppdal a placename? Oppdal National Park?
She even guessed this under the influence of pickle juice.
(See her blog for further explanation.)

Oh and as a continuation of the boot comment;
here's a photo of the NVO retrieving my lap top bag from
 the car parked down the road a bit during a rain storm.
You see, the NVO neglected to pack his own rain boots for the trip. :-)
Nice, huh?
(I am going to be in so much trouble!)

Good Luck on this one y'all!


  1. Dear Astri!
    Heart greetings! ♥
    Beautiful shoes! :))

  2. Hi there, I think I'll give you the answers in Norwegian ;o)
    Coffee, Tårnkake ( kransekake ) , tjukklefse (hardangerlefse ) , crochet hook and yarn,
    eating outside at those lovely benches and I think one of the ladies holds a kvæfjordkake ( verdens beste ).
    Being able to drink water from the tap. We sure have many good things in Norway ;o)

  3. I SO love a man in flowery boots!!!

  4. Yarn, crochet hook, coffee, cake and green mugs!? X

  5. Love those boots. They are made for walking! My guess: crocheting, coffee, cake, violets(gardening), and water. Hugs, Linda@Wetcreek Blog

  6. So love seeing the NVO in pink rain boots. What a giggle. (What does NVO stand for)


  7. Lol. Gee I don't know who wears those boots better. :-)

  8. Haha the NVO really suits the boots Astri. Now for your favourite things, I would say, yarn, hook, coffee, pastries, and the plant, can't tell what kind it is though. :)

  9. Let's see…how about yarn (of course), cake/pastries, the NVO, crochet, and maybe coffee? (I can't tell if that's the NVO in that picture.) The NVO looks wonderful in those boots, he seems to be starting a new trend. :)

  10. Takk for sist! Det var kjekt å treffe dåke:) Håpar dåke hadde ein superduper Norgestur. Hels mannen!

  11. It takes a real man to wear flowered boots. :)