Monday, July 21, 2014

Guess Norway Questions: Post 17

Photo #17:
Who are these people?
Where do the two on the right live?
What is the yummiest thing they are eating?

And yesterday's post #16 was:
This statue is in what city? Molde
And the city is known as...
"The City of Roses"

and known by Monica!

This is the city of Roses, Molde. This statue is at the town square. My hubby os from Molde....

Hurray :) Have a perfect day


  1. Ah, "The City of Roses", such a lovely name! Therefore it's also the city of Astri! The first shot looks like a lovely family breakfast setting to me!

  2. I am sure this is your parents and they live in Kristiansund. They are eating brunost, gomme, smør and homemade jam.
    Most things you miss in the US, I am sure.

    Have a nice day.