Monday, July 14, 2014

Guess the W's of Norway: Post 10

Photo #10:
 Goodness this made me laugh!
Can you guess the W's of this photo?
For more details on this game/contest see this post.

The photos "9's" from the previous post,
were guessed by:

Linda of the fun Wetcreek Blog:

Undredal ? Linda@Wetcreek Blog

Good Luck on this one y'all!


  1. Bad hair day! When I first saw today's game entry, I thought someone was at the hairdresser. Not you, Astri, since you have lovely blond hair. Then I saw it was an animal. No guesses today. I have no idea what to GOOGLE. Yesterday it was the white goat cheese, since I know Norway is known for their golden yellow cheese. It was fun getting at least one correct answer. And thanks for the link. Hugs, Linda@Wetcreek Blog