Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Guess the W's of Norway: Post 11

Photo's #11:

Photo 10 was not guessed so I will give you some additional hints:

Can you guess the W's of these photos?
For more details on this game/contest see this post.

Here are the photos from the previous post:

Good Luck on this one y'all!


  1. Now Astri, are you in the arms of a Troll?! I'm wondering what the meaning of his 'different' left foot is?

  2. I'm completely stymied, but my, what stylish boots you're wearing! And one of those signs seems to read "National Park Info" and "Oppdal". Is Oppdal a placename? Oppdal National Park?

  3. Are you visiting the rock trolls? :) I'm curious what that sign says, as well!