Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Guess Norway Questions: Post 19 - The End of Photos for now...

Photo #19:
Who is this?
Where is this?
(I have never been known to behave myself. ;-)

Maybe this one would have been more appropriate:
But I did not choose it. ;-)
Much too boring.
Although you (especially the Americans) may guess if you would like.

This is the last guessing post of this series.
Tomorrow's post (#20) will reveal the answers to this post and the winners
 and a goodbye to the Norway photos...for now. ;-)

And yesterday's post #18 was:
Who is this? Astri
And where is she headed? South Pole
Roald Amundsen

or with the NVO:

and known by Monica!

Yes I am enjoing this game, my hubby aswell ;) "she", AKA Roald Amundsen, is going to the South Pole, with "her" colleague Fritdjof Nansen. So many jummi things you are showing us. Have a nice day.

And this comment by Cogaroo made me LOL:

Oh, so much yummy food…but that advertising is baffling me - "probably". :) Let's see…the person in the picture is Elsa, embarking on a quest with Anna, to visit her ice castle or something (although the clothing doesn't make sense because she claims the cold never bothered her…) I can't wait to see what other projects you've been working on, although I like the Norway posts too!
I have many more photos, but this will be it for now.
See you tomorrow!


  1. I think that I forgot to say yesterday how funny you looked in the photo of the polar outfit! Great to see the NVO modelling it as well!! xx

  2. I've loved all of your Norway photos Astri, it's been fun learning all kinds of things via your posts :) xx

  3. This is horny Pan in Oslo. Nice traveling with you. Have a Nice day, i am melting

  4. Haha! I think that Monica has said it all! I can only imagine the front view!