Thursday, July 24, 2014

Guess Norway Questions: Post 20 with WINNERS!

Photo #20:
Good-bye to the Norway photos and questions for now...
(Gosh, someday, I may have to do another series, as I have so many photos.
I barely scratched the surface of the photo files!)

but first, here are yesterday's answers from Post #19:

Who is this? Pan
(Greek Goat God)

Where is this? Oslo

Monica got it right again!
With an extra adjective. ;-)

An appropriate photo for
don't ya' think?

This is for you, my dear Sandra.
Haha, I bet you could have taken a better photo with your photographic prowess!. ;-)
(Zoom doesn't really help.)

Now for the winners of this game:

Monica - for the most correctly answered questions!

Cogaroo and Torill with the funniest answers:

Cogaroo's "FROZEN" answers to this one:

Who is this?
And where is she headed?
And who is she going with?
(I should not end a sentence with "with", sorry.)

Oh, so much yummy food…but that advertising is baffling me - "probably". :) Let's see…the person in the picture is Elsa, embarking on a quest with Anna, to visit her ice castle or something (although the clothing doesn't make sense because she claims the cold never bothered her…) I can't wait to see what other projects you've been working on, although I like the Norway posts too!

Torill's answers to this one:

Ekte LykkeJuly 11, 2014 at 2:53 AM
This is the Lærdal tunnel, I think!:-)
Fun fact: the tunnel is almost 25 km long, and - by own experience - just long enough to breastfeed two hungry twin-babies.....ha, ha! (I mean: what do you do when you've just started driving, and both babies loudly decide that they're hungry? You bring out the food on the go, or get crazy driving through this apparentlu never- ending weird "light-tunnel" listening to desperate babies crying in stereo ....)
Monica, Torill and Cogaroo, please email your mailing addresses to and I will send off your prizes. :-)

Thanks for playing along and I'll see ya' soon with something completely different...
like crochet!!!


  1. This has been great fun Astri and so lovely to see more of Norway with you in this way. I think that the picture from today is best though, you and your husband holding hands together! xx p.s. zoom isn't too bad!!

  2. Il y a un bon moment que je ne suis pas venue lire ton blog, trop occupée que j'étais par la préparation de la fête organisée pour les 60 ans de mon mari. Je me suis régalée à remonter dans le temps et lire tous tes articles plus sympathiques les uns que les autres. Vous avez fait un superbe voyage en Norvège !!
    A très bientôt ;-)

  3. Juhu!! Mail is on it's way :) This has been so much fun, for both me and my hubby.
    Have a nice day :o)

  4. I have loved reading your Norway trip posts so much . . .Norway seems a dreamy place.
    Im yet to discover why Im drawn to Norway but since I was a teenager I have always been obsessed with 3 places: Ireland, Paris and Norway. I ended up living in Ireland for 7 years and met my French husband in Dublin. Paris was the first trip we did together. Norway is still awaiting for me. . . thanks for bringing it to me !! Now I want to visit the country even more !!!

  5. Fun game and great photos, Astri! Congrats to the winners! Linda@Wetcreek Blog

  6. Such a cute picture of you and the NVO, I'm really glad you got to visit Norway. I would love to go someday, I can see from your pictures that it's a beautiful place! My address is on the way, thank you so much. :) Have a wonderful day!

  7. Wow, thanks Astri:-) You've got mail!
    Big hug from Norway!

  8. It has been very enjoyable xoxo