Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Guess the W's of Norway: Post 4

Photo #4:

Can you guess the W's of this photo?
For more details on this game/contest see this post.

The below Photo #3

was me at Husfliden (A craft store) in Oppdal.
And yes, I am purchasing yarn to take back to the USA.

There were some pretty close answers but "Oppdal" was key here. :-)

Thank you for playing and good luck !


  1. Wrought iron, but otherwise I'm still lost!! xx

  2. This is Ålesund - no doubt:-) A beautiful city!!

  3. Hi Astri!
    I send holiday greetings!!
    I look at the beautiful pictures!
    I also want to Norway! :)))
    Have a nice summer time

  4. Hello Astri, Love all your holiday to Norway photos. They are all super beautiful. Such a peaceful and lovely country. I have always want to visit Norway. Through you lovely photos I can go on a virtual one. Hugs Judy