Friday, July 18, 2014

Guess Norway Questions: Post 14

Photo #14:
Three questions about this restaurant:

What city is it in?
What is the pop culture significance of the photos?
What is the name of restaurant in the photo above or if that's too difficult,
 the pop culture name of the club in the photo below?
Here's a really big hint:

And here's the NVO hanging out at the restaurant, 
savoring the beer costing its weight in gold. ;-)
 (Divide by 6 for USD)
I would rather buy Firkløver. ;-)

And yesterday's photos #13:

was taken in Kristiansund N. (in Mari's yard)
And it is special to me because it is my home town.
I was born there in 1960.

Here are more photos of Mari's dreamy yard:

and my dreamy man. ;-)

Yesterday's city name, Kristiansund N. was guessed by both Monica and Torill;
however and additionally, Torill knew why it is special to me (although klippfisk and baccalao is pretty special too!):

Hi Astri! These photos are from beautiful Kristiansund:-) I have friends there:-) What's special about it? Well, it's a special town in many ways, and there is evidence that suggests that this is where the very first Norwegians settled around year 8000 BC (!) But, from reading you blog, I gather that this town has a special place in your heart for other reasons? This is where your hometown, right?? Big hug from Torill in Norway:-)

Thanks again for playing and good luck with today's photos!


  1. Hi there. Nikkers restaurant i Elvegata 18 på Lillehammer, my hubby has been there drinking beer several times. and in the photo belove is called Bryggerikjelleren, my hubby had his batchelor party there ;) The photos are retro or Royal, I am not sure what it translates into in Norwegian ;) Have a nice day.