Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Lawn and Garden Shower - Part 6: Activity

Brandon and Monique are getting married in August. :-)
Brandon is offspring #3 of our 6 children.

Sunday, June 22nd we had a shower for the lovely Monique.
I will post a series of posts about the shower.

Today's post is about the:
Upon arrival each guest received a number 1, 2, or 3.
After the opening of the gifts the guests were divided into these three groups.

In the center of the patio for everyone to share we placed:
Several silk flowers, fruits and vegetables, silk plants, floral taps (all from the dollar store). 
Tape, staplers, glue guns, packaging tape, duct tape, pins, ribbon, scissors, and wire cutters.

Group #1 was given two dollar store white plastic rectangular tablecloths,
 and were to make
Monique a wedding dress.

Group # 2 was given a dollar store white round tablecloth and a round silk ivy.
Monique a veil and bouquet.

Group #3 was given a dollar store fedora and two black plastic tablecloths, 
and were to make
Brandon a wedding suit.

And here's how it went:

The Dress
Many made the dress but this particular photo shows Monique with her Aunt.

The Bouquet

The Veil

Groom's Outfit
Here's Little Bug #6 helping with her brother's outfit.

Brandon was out with the NVO and they were to return at 1:15 PM.
We wisked Brandon into the garage and dressed him in his "suit".
What a good sport!
 And presented him to his bride-to-be:
Check out the silk flowers at the bottom of his "knickers".
He kind of looks like a leprechaun.

This was by far the funnest and funniest part of the day!

(Actually the funniest part was when some of these photos were
 posted on Facebook and Brandon started getting text messages from friends
 who were "hurt" that they had not been invited to the wedding.
They thought this was the real wedding. haha.)


  1. What a beautiful and fun activity! Congrats on the upcoming wedding. Your son and future daughter in law look very happy together :)

  2. What fun you all had dressing up the future bride and bridegroom!

  3. How fun! And what a lovely couple :-)

  4. What brilliant outfits were made for both of them!!! You obviously had so much fun at the shower. Monique can use the bouquet to practice at the wedding rehearsal, it is pretty enough!! xx

  5. Oh how fun Astri. Sure wish I could attend one of your parties.


  6. Love the outfits Astri what fun! :)

  7. LOL what fun and love all of the pictures Astri, enjoying visiting here ☺

  8. That looks like so much fun, and the outfits look fabulous. You did such a great job with the shower! :)

  9. It looks like you all had a great time. Sorry I have missed a couple of your posts but I'm all caught up now. Si glad you re all doing well!