Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Guess Norway Questions: Post 18

Photo #18:
Who is this?
And where is she headed?
And who is she going with?
(I should not end a sentence with "with", sorry.)

Yesterday's post #17:
Who are these people? The NVO, my mom, Erna and bonus dad, Hans.
Hans is from Hustad but Mor is from Smøla.
Where do the two on the right live? Hustad, Norway
What is the yummiest thing they are eating? This is subjective, of course;
the NVO would say "bacon" I would say "bread and jam"
 and Mor would say the brown goat cheese we brought to her from Undredal. 
Hans would say anything but grøt. haha.

Here we are enjoying coffee outside of my parent's home, in Hustad:

More good eats from Norway:
 My personal favorite:
Waffles and another hot dog!
(This one was not a 10 kroner hot dog as this was at a hoshy poshy
hotel overlooking Geiranger Fjord. A splurge indeed!
We were given the batter and made our own - so it was really fresh. )

Oslo on the go.
 I love Prim.
Makes me feel like a kid again.

Oslo's Grand Hotel open faced crab sammie!

 Can you imagine the NVO's delight when he found this?:
Translation "Bacon Cheese".

Always good coffee.


Double mmmmmmm...mmmmmmmmmmm.
(Or at least what's left of it. :-) )

Breakfast generally comes with a hotel stay.
So good!

Baked goods.

Hmmmmm....."Probably the Best"?

Multebær og krem.
A Norwegian delicacy.


Cabin snacks

Guess who is cooking this?

Looks like Monica and I are having fun with this game.

And, yes, Monica, I do miss so many of these foods.

I am sure this is your parents and they live in Kristiansund. They are eating brunost, gomme, smør and homemade jam.
Most things you miss in the US, I am sure.

Have a nice day.

Not to worry, I have all kinds of crochet and house projects up my sleeve beginning later on this week!

I like the comments from the non-Norskies too!!

Two more of these posts and we're done. :-)


  1. So many yummy things to eat ... such a temptation! On the first picture you look as if you're going to visit some friends who live in an igloo! Did your husband get to wear a similar outfit on your outing?!

    1. Yes he did - we took his picture with the same coat. ;-)

  2. Yes I am enjoing this game, my hubby aswell ;) "she", AKA Roald Amundsen, is going to the South Pole, with "her" colleague Fritdjof Nansen. So many jummi things you are showing us. Have a nice day.

    1. Aw I love it that hubby is playing via you! You are one smart cookies with your knowledge of Norway. ;-)

  3. Lovely Astri sorry I have been away so long, I have missed you. Just catching up with your fabulous blog and loving all the photographs. Kristiansund is a particular favourite of mine as we holidayed a few times and I adored Norway - it is the country I would settle in if I had the chance. The people, the scenery and everything about the country is perfect for me. My husband's brother worked in Norway for 3 years just after the war and he wanted to settle there but his wife wouldn't move away from Wales - my husband said that if he and I had been together then we would have moved and settled - how glorious that would have been Astri. Big hugs and loves to you as always, Dorothyxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  4. Still a fun game, and the food looks delicious! How were prices, since I remember my travel companions back 30 years ago complaining. I know alcohol is expensive, but what about food and lodging? Linda@Wetcreek Blog

    1. Pretty much everything was double the USA prices. But it was worth it!

  5. I think this was my favorite post - look at all that yummy food!

  6. Oh, so much yummy food…but that advertising is baffling me - "probably". :) Let's see…the person in the picture is Elsa, embarking on a quest with Anna, to visit her ice castle or something (although the clothing doesn't make sense because she claims the cold never bothered her…) I can't wait to see what other projects you've been working on, although I like the Norway posts too!

  7. What about Mills Kaviar?....I just love it!!

  8. Astri hi!

    Many beautiful photos of your trip!
    Are you okay?
    Big kiss for you

  9. Well I have definitely never heard of bacon cheese!!! The spray cheese in America, yes, bacon cheese, no!! xx

  10. Hmmmmmm good food! It looks like you had an awesome stay thus far!