Thursday, July 17, 2014

Guess Norway questions: Post 13

Photo #13:

What city are we in, in this photo and what is special about it?

Here are a couple more that might help:

So back to business:

Five favorite things in yesterday's photo's from post #12 are:
Crochet, coffee (the easy ones), kransekake, tjukklefse 
You see my entire extended family lives in Norway and I really miss them.
That's my cousin, Iver on the left and his lady Mari on the right. :-)
This is the first time that I met Mari and, wow, what a delightful lady!
We hit it right off and laughed and laughed.
And you can only imagine my joy when she pulled out this at her cabin:

See, it's so cool, that even the men are interested in it:

Oh and here's a close-up of the kransekake:
These almond paste ring delicacies are used to make wedding and special occasion cakes.
It's the yummiest thing ever with coffee or without coffee!
 I love them so much I even painted one of the cakes on our garage stabbur:

So back to business, again....

Post # 12 was guessed the closest by:

She is leading the pack!

Hi there, I think I'll give you the answers in Norwegian ;o)
Coffee, Tårnkake ( kransekake ) , tjukklefse (hardangerlefse ) , crochet hook and yarn,
eating outside at those lovely benches and I think one of the ladies holds a kvæfjordkake ( verdens beste ).
Being able to drink water from the tap. We sure have many good things in Norway ;o)
Way to go Monica!
Gosh, all your answers and comments are so cute, and some are very close!
Monica's were very specific to the name of the two desserts.
Oh and BTW Mari is eating ice cream.

Please keep them coming!

Now remember, the one with the most correct answers
 and the one with the funniest answer will win a prize when this is all said and done. 
(Two winners.)
I'm not sure how long this will continue, either through July or until either you or I tire of it.
(Wetcreek Linda: If you are reading, is "you or I" correct?)

Gosh, all your answers and comments are so cute, and some are very close!
Please keep them coming!
Good Luck !


  1. It seems that you have a great new friend in Mari and lots in common! xx

  2. Oh dear I never would have guessed the names of those 'cakes'! It's lovely that you're spending time with your family. X

    1. No I suppose it was pretty hard unless you lived in Norway. :-) Thanks for your words Maggie.

  3. Hi Astri! These photos are from beautiful Kristiansund:-) I have friends there:-) What's special about it? Well, it's a special town in many ways, and there is evidence that suggests that this is where the very first Norwegians settled around year 8000 BC (!) But, from reading you blog, I gather that this town has a special place in your heart for other reasons? This is where your hometown, right?? Big hug from Torill in Norway:-)

    1. I love that tidbit (8000 BC) and the NVO will especially like it.

  4. With the help of my hubby, he told med that this is Kristiansund. Klippfisk and baccalao. My hubby is from Molde, so he has visited this town many times. Some day I will too. Beautiful Rhododendrons int the photo with the mountains in the background. WITH snow, nice :) Have a perfect day.

    1. Your hubby is a smart guy - my Mor lives close to Molde in Hustad and I have a brother in Molde. Lovely town! Thanks for playing Monica!

  5. That first photo is stunning - I love the way the pink flowers frame the left side of the shot.

  6. Hi, Astri, i am no competition in this great contest, but it is fun. And your photos are superb, as well as your English grammar! Hugs, Linda@Wetcreek Blog