Saturday, July 19, 2014

Guess Norway Questions: Post 15

Photo #15:
What is this and why?
There is something about it that makes it unusual in Norway.
Can you guess?

Here's a hint:

Yesterdays Post #14 was answered by Monica:

Hi there. Nikkers restaurant i Elvegata 18 på Lillehammer, my hubby has been there drinking beer several times. and in the photo belove is called Bryggerikjelleren, my hubby had his batchelor party there ;) The photos are retro or Royal, I am not sure what it translates into in Norwegian ;) Have a nice day.
Excellent answer; here are more details:
Three questions about this restaurant:

What city is it in? Lillehammer
What is the pop culture significance of the photos? Featured in the Netflix series "Lilyhammer".
What is the name of restaurant (Nikkers) in the photo above or if that's too difficult,
 the pop culture name of the club in the photo below (The Flamingo).
Here's a really big hint:
Stevie Van Zandt who is a guitarist and mandolin player for Bruce Springsteen (E Street Band)
also, co-writes, produces and acts in "Lilyhammer".
This photos hangs in "Nikkers", which is a photo of Mr. Van Zandt at "Nikkers". ;-)

Congratulations Monica!
You really know Norway, down to the very last details. :-)

Thanks again for playing and good luck with the silly photos from today!


  1. Thank you, so fun playing with you.
    This is Wiener in bread, not lompe with out ketchup, only spicy mustard. What everyone "must" eat at the gas station, don't know why, 'coz I don't like it ;o)
    Norwegians eat far too many sausages.. But luckily the gas stations have changed their menu to more healthy food.
    Have a perfect day.

  2. It looks pretty yum and sure not something I should be eating while still trying to trim up lol