Sunday, July 20, 2014

Guess Norway Questions: Post 16

Ok, so I think this series will go on until we hit 20 posts!
So here's:

Photo #16:

This statue is in what city?
And the city is known as...
"The City of _______?

The answer to yesterday's Post #15 questions:
A 10 kroner hot dog from the gas station!
It is unusual in Norway as a 10 kroner meal is nearly unheard of.
So we ate them for lunch everyday!
(6 kroner = $1 USD)

It's also unusual because the meat is longer than the bread.
We don't see this in the USA.

I liked the yummy mustard, sometimes I would have two and throw away one of the buns.
Unfortunately, though, I am having to work off the extra pounds that came from these or....
maybe it was all the Firkløver...or maybe both.

But, the meal savings helped us pay for the price of automobile fuel:
and that's per liter!

Monica once again came through with an excellent comment about the hot dog.

Thank you, so fun playing with you.
This is Wiener in bread, not lompe with out ketchup, only spicy mustard. What everyone "must" eat at the gas station, don't know why, 'coz I don't like it ;o)
Norwegians eat far too many sausages.. But luckily the gas stations have changed their menu to more healthy food.
Have a perfect day.

Ha en fin dag!


  1. This is the city of Roses, Molde. This statue is at the town square. My hubby os from Molde....

    Hurray :) Have a perfect day

  2. I must say the sausages look yummy!

    That is the city of ... topless gals in skirts bearing shallow baskets of flowers? :D